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WSO2 10 Years: We are Only As Strong as the Confidence of our People

Many folks who’ve been around at WSO2 since its inception have great tales to tell, ranging from their first impressions, long hours spent before a product release, the many challenges faced, and funny stories behind the scenes. However, one thing … Continue reading

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WSO2 Ten Years: Conflicts Con-quered! – Tales from the Other Side of WSO2Con (as told by the Crew)

Ten years in business and (almost) ten WSO2Cons later, you’d think we would have learnt bitter lessons from potential disasters, but we like to play cool – until some disastrous consequence is staring at us right in the face. And … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Ensuring Your API Quality

  Let’s face it – in this API economy, there are a lot of solutions out there for managing, testing, deploying, tracking, and monitoring your APIs. It’s a booming industry and you can see evidence of it all over: large … Continue reading

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Announcing WSO2 Connected Bathroom Manager for enabling more effective enterprise bathroom usage policies

  In response to growing abuse of bathroom time by employees, today we debut the fully integrated WSO2 Connected Bathroom Manager (WSO2 CBM). WSO2 CBM is a comprehensive solution that enables a Chief Bathroom Officer and Bathroom Operations Group (BOG) … Continue reading

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WSO2Con Insights: South Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) Focus on Open Platforms to Drive Innovation within Healthcare Services Industry

Spending in the healthcare industry continues to grow, reaching $2.8 trillion spent annually. However, excess costs from inefficient services and administrative waste prevent the industry from actually delivering the greatest health value for the investments citizens make. John Supra, Deputy … Continue reading

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Get your Early Bird Discount for WSO2Con EU 2015

Registration is now open for WSO2Con EU 2015, taking place this June in London. Take advantage of the early bird discounts on offer through March 23, to attend the most sort after conference that focuses on providing insights into WSO2 … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Speeding Delivery of Affordable E-Health With WSO2

The good news is that modern technology is helping us to live longer. According to the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, some 25% of the population in the European Union will be over 65 by the year 2020, and the … Continue reading

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WSO2Con Insights – AlmavivA Adopts Lean Approach to Public Administration with WSO2

The Italian Ministry of Economy was looking for a complete transformation in data management by redefining and organizing its own data, so that information of millions of employees of the Italian Public Administration would be unique and certified. The proposed … Continue reading

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WSO2Con US 2014 kicks off with CEO Sanjiva unveiling several strategic product developments to support today’s connected world

Its our biggest user-conference yet! After a great day of pre-conference tutorials yesterday, WSO2Con US 2014 officially got going with traditional drumming and CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana, talking about how competing in a connected world requires a new holistic approach to … Continue reading

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WSO2Con Insights–Trimble Builds an Enterprise PaaS Framework with Open Source

A large part of the value of Trimble solutions is that they enable customers to build and manage their own positioning-centric solutions for employees in the field—a key requirement for customers in the agriculture, construction, and transportation sectors. Trimble also … Continue reading

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