WSO2 API Cloud - API Design and Management

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API Cloud

  • Award winning API management solution now available as a service

  • Design and publish APIs in minutes

  • Enable partners and ecosystem with API Store

  • Scale beyond any limits with cloud gateway

App Cloud 3.0

  • Complete container-based application hosting platform

  • Deploy applications in multiple, pluggable runtimes in the cloud

  • Integration with WSO2 API Cloud to host API backends

  • Rapid and continuous integration with the WSO2 platform

  • Integrates with CI/CD systems such as Maven and Jenkins

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Signing up signifies that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

WSO2 API Cloud enables enterprises to quickly share their business capabilities with their partners and across the globe:

  • Exposed APIs can be access-controlled with the use of industry-standard mechanisms, demonstrating a unified development experience for app developers
  • Deployment supports auto-scaling to deal with popular and/or high demanding APIs
  • API publishing enables full control of the API lifecycle
  • The customizable API Store can be leveraged to meet the organization's specific requirements
  • Highly scalable API gateway for routing API traffic as well as statistics collection

API Cloud

is a public hosted version of award-winning open-source WSO2 API Manager product.



  • Create a Store of all Available APIs
  • Publishing and Governing API Use
  • Route API Traffic
  • Manage Developer Community
  • Govern Complete API Lifecycle
  • Monitor API Usage and Performance
  • Pluggable, Extensible, and Themeable
  • Easily Deployable in Enterprise Setting
  • Support for Creating multitenanted APIs

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