Secure your digital business by connecting and managing multiple identities


WSO2 Identity Server efficiently undertakes the complex task of identity management across enterprise applications, services and APIs. It draws on the strengths of the most widely used standards and offers a platform-agnostic approach that allows enterprise architects to implement a uniform security layer upon existing assets across their digital business.

Single sign-on and identity federation

Bridges between multiple single sign-on (SSO) protocols such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0 and WS-Federation to provide a unified SSO experience.

Strong authentication

Enforce multi-factor authentication with SMS/email one-time password (OTP), Fast IDentity Online (FIDO), MePIN, Duo Security and more.

Identity governance and administration

Allows you to manage users or groups of users with automated user provisioning and approval workflows.

Entitlements and access control

Fine-grained authorization with role-based and attribute-based access control based on XACML. Provides a comprehensive security model based on OAuth 2.0 to secure access to APIs.

Monitoring, reporting and auditing

Built-in authentication analytics and reporting to gain greater insight into application authentication patterns of users. Enables auditing of privileged operations.

Identity CloudBETA

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