Solution Patterns Webinar Series

Software architects today have to explore critical technical solutions when solving business problems. But the issue at hand is what really is the ideal solution? Solution patterns help address this by providing solutions for common recurring problems. By choosing the patterns that best suit your architecture and environment, you too are able to provide the optimal solution for your business users.

This webinar series will cover

  • Business use-case
  • Architecture pattern / reference architecture
  • Implementation details using WSO2 Enterprise Middleware Platform


Asanka Abeysinghe Selvaratnam Uthaiyashankar Srinath Perera Ph. D
Asanka Abeysinghe
Director, Solutions Architecture
Selvaratnam Uthaiyashankar
Director, Cloud Solutions
Srinath Perera, Ph. D
Senior Software Architect
Chintana Wilamuna Gillian Dass Dakshitha Ratnayake
Chintana Wilamuna
Senior Technical Lead
Gillian Dass
Senior Associate Product Manager
Dakshitha Ratnayake
Software Engineer
Nadeesha Gamage
Nadeesha Gamage
Senior Software Engineer
MAY 9 - JUNE 5
May 9
Governance and
Security Solution Patterns
May 14
Integration Solution Patterns
May 21
API and Big-Data Solution
June 5
Cloud Solution Patterns
- Building a SaaS Solution Using Stratos 2.0