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[Article] Bloom Filter Integration for Joins in Large Siddhi Windows

This article will mainly focus on integration that enables efficiency in join queries when the events per Siddhi window are large. When the window is large, the search for an event in the window consumes more time. In this article, we present a bloom filter based-window implementation to avoid unnecessary searches in the window and make the join queries more efficient.

[Screencast] WSO2 App Cloud Tutorial 6 - Taking Your App through the Complete Lifecycle

In our fifth tutorial on WSO2 App Cloud, we showed you how to invite new members to your team in the cloud, grant them access to applications, and enforce permissions within each role. In this tutorial, we show you how these invited teams of developers, quality control and operations can work together, moving applications through lifecycle phases.

[Screencast] WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 2 - Subscribe to a Published API and Invoke It

In our first API Cloud tutorial, you learnt to create a simple API, and publish it to your web portal. In this tutorial, we will subscribe to the published API to learn more about it, and invoke it.

[Article] OAuth2 Grant Types and Need For Implicit Grant for JavaScript and Mobile Applications

The current state-of-the-art of web is that service providers expose their services as web accessible application programming interfaces (APIs) for users to build applications or consume services. One of the key aspects of designing an API platform is controlling who has access to data. This article will specifically discuss OAuth2 grant types and the importance of implicit grant for JavaScript and mobile applications.

[Presentation] Connected Architecture Fabric Creating a Connected World

Chris Haddad, Director - VP of Technology Evangelism at WSO2 delivered a talk at Gartner AADI Summit in December, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this session, he described how leading IT teams incorporate new reference architecture components and practices that enhance connections across people, devices, and partners.

[Tutorial] How to Secure a Jaggery File by Using Single Sign-On

This tutorial will demonstrate the use of SSO to secure a jag file and the process of obtaining the roles of the current logged in user.

[Article] Customize JSON Web Token Generation with WSO2 API Manager 1.8.0

In the WSO2 API Manager default product, we do have JWT generation implementation. In that implementation, we retrieve basic application-specific details, subscription details, and user information available on the system. However, when we have more complex use cases, we might need to send more information with JWT. For this, we have an extension point to implement a custom JWT generator to meet this requirement. This article will discuss how you could use external implementation for JWT generating logic.

[Article] Authentication Protocols Comparison and Analysis

This article aims to compare and contrast various authentication protocols, which include SAML 2.0, WS-Federation Passive profile (Passive STS), OpenId, and CAS (Central Authentication Service).

[Presentation] Sharing Best Practices and Recommendations from the Integration Battlefield

APIs are the tip of the iceberg of enterprise integration. In this workshop conducted at API Days Paris, Isabelle discussed how WSO2’s customers engaged in successful enterprise deployments. She shared best practices and recommendations from the "integration battlefield" around security, monitoring and performance.