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[Blog Post] Patch Management System - developed, maintained, enhanced using WSO2 Carbon products

This blog post discusses a patch management system that is developed, maintained and enhanced using WSO2 Carbon products.

[Blog Post] Sneak Peek into WSO2 Machine Learner 1.0

This blog post will give an introduction to the workings of the newest WSO2 product, the WSO2 Machine Learner.

[Article] Introducing WSO2 Identity Server as Identity Provider for ActiveMQ

ActiveMQ provides many ways to achieve security from various providers; this includes JAAS custom module, custom plugin and default authorization mechanism using a simple XML configuration file. This article will explain how you could use WSO2 Identity Server to provide authentication and authorization for activeMQ server.

[WSO2Con EU 2015] PaaS for Educational Environments

[WSO2Con EU 2015] iBeacons Events Processing