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How do I switch to a different JDK version once Tungsten is started?

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By Afkham Azeez
  • 31 May, 2006
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Q. I started Tungsten on JDK 1.4 successfully. Later on, I switched to JDK 1.5 and started up Tungsten. I am unable to login with my default administrator's username and password even though the username and password is correct.
Afkham Azeez
Director of Architecture
A. All passwords stored in Tungsten have been encrypted. The security provider for JDK 1.4 is different from that of JDK 1.5. Hence, a password encrypted using the security provider for JDK 1.4 cannot be decrypted using the security provider for JDK 1.5 and vice-versa. You should follow these steps in order to be able to login using your admin account: 1. Switch to your JDK of choice 2. Run the chpasswd.bat or script (e.g. chpasswd.bat -url jdbc:derby:database/TUNGSTEN_DB). You have to provide the correct path to the Tungsten database. Give the username as admin and a password of your choice. 3. Start Tungsten 4. Now you should be able to login with the admin username and password you specified in step 2 above Also note that you would have to change all of the passwords of the users you added to the Tungsten system, in accordance with the above steps. This answer is also applicable for switching from JDK 1.5 to JDK 1.4. Applies To: WSO2 WSAS (previously known as Tungsten) for Java, versions 1.0 and above