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[Tutorial] Implementing a WSO2 CEP Extension to Run Machine Learning Models Written in PMML Format

This tutorial will focus on how you could create a machine learning model using the R software, convert it into the PMML format, and how you could write an extension to run that model described in the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) format within WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP).

[Presentation] From shadow IT to empowered IT: Unshackling your developers’ creativity!

Project teams often use shadow IT, instead of the more slower moving traditional IT, to facilitate rapidly changing complex business requirements and quick release cycles. As a result an unmanaged, ungoverned set of IT solutions reside in enterprises without ownership. In this session Asanka Abeysinghe, VP of Solutions Architecture presented how enterprises can leverage cloud enabled ALM frameworks to build empowered IT. In addition Asanka explained how innovative WSO2 clients are already gaining startup speed, reducing project risk, and enabling new business models by adopting WSO2 DevOps PaaS solutions.

[Tutorial] A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Run CEP Fleet Management Samples

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology that has come into use in public sense since the 1980s and has revolutionized the concept of tracking objects. GPS positioning data could be used to track objects, to manage and handle their routes, to find out a location on a map and so on. We have implemented a set of samples to perform fleet management using WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP). This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on running the samples in WSO2 CEP.

[Blog Post] JavaEE WebProfile Support in WSO2 Application Server

In this blog post, Sagara explains some common queries related to JavaEE WebProfile support in WSO2 Application Server.

[Blog Post] Whether to Support Rooted Device in WSO2 EMM

In this blog post, Niranjan discusses the concept of enterprise mobility management and explains some key features available in WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager.

WSO2 CEP in Action - An Analysis of Use in Real-World Applications of Different Domains

Enterprises’ transactions comprise constant streams of events, resulting in the possibility these event streams might be concealing valuable information that are not obvious to the organization. This article presents scenarios that use WSO2 CEP to solve problems in different domains representing real-world applications.

How to Achieve API Chaining (Batch API) with WSO2 API Manager

Consider a use case where we have two requirements; to retrieve personal information and to carry out credit operations. We need to expose them as APIs and introduce security, throttling, and other QoS. Further, we would need to expose a single service by combining the two to reduce complexity at the client application level and to avoid multiple service calls. This article will discuss how WSO2 API Manager can meet these requirements.