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[Article] Operational Governance & Lifecycle Management of the WSO2 Middleware Platform

This article will discuss a common governance and lifecycle management process for services, applications, and middleware artifacts. It will also focus on best practices, processors, and standards that can be followed by enterprise application, middleware engineering, and devops groups. The article relates its discussion to WSO2 middleware platform and how these best practices can be followed and applied.

[Blog Post] Java Microservices with Microservices Framework for Java (MSF4J)

Microservices is the new buzzword. WSO2 is working on a new Java microservices framework to help developers quickly get started with developing & running Java microservices. In this blog post, Azeez provides a sneak peek into the framework that will be available soon.

[Article] Monitoring Applications with the Analytics Instrumentation Java Agent

This article discusses how you can inject lines into a java based product with the analytics-instrumentation-agent of WSO2 Data Analytics Server in order to monitor internal parameters of the product in terms of performance testing and profiling.

[Tutorial] How to Convert OAuth to SAML with WSO2 Identity Server Conversion API

This tutorial will guide you through an API implementation that works as a pluggable endpoint to WSO2 Identity Server 5.0 and responds back with a SAML token when invoked with an OAuth token.