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[Blog Post] Reliable Messaging Pattern - Why Use WSO2

Reliable messaging involve sending a message successfully from one system to another over unreliable protocols. Read Chintana's blog to learn more about reliable messaging patterns and the advantages of using WSO2 for reliable messaging.

[Blog Post] How to Invoke APIs in SOAP Style in Swagger

WSO2 API Manager has integrated Swagger to allow API consumers to explore APIs through a interactive console, which is known as 'API Console.' Read Lakmali's blog post here to learn more.

[Screencast] WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 5 - Using REST Client to Invoke APIs

In our previous tutorials we have already created an API, subscribed to it and invoked it. In this tutorial we will take a look at the built-in REST Client provided by the API Store. The REST Client comes in handy when developers want to experiment with various API invocations and see the detailed responses that they get.

WSO2 API Manager Scalable Deployment Patterns - Part 1

WSO2 API Manager provides a scalable and flexible deployment option with complete control over infrastructure and management of APIs. It overcomes the challenges of building cost-effective, future-proof infrastructure that meets the user's as well as the organization's budgets. This article, the first of a three-part series, will discuss in detail some key deployment patterns of WSO2 API Manager.

[Article] Geo Spatial Data Analysis Using WSO2 Complex Event Processor

WSO2 CEP is capable of analyzing data that comes from different types of streams at a high rate and obtaining useful information out of this data. This article explains how we can process spatial data from an external source of events and analyze/manipulate this data to produce meaningful information to end users, while hiding the complex CEP process with the WSO2 Jagger UI application.

How to Run WSO2 API Manager 1.8.0 with Java Security Manager

Java security manager is a component that defines and validates security policies for applications. With this, you can define certain policies for unsafe or sensitive operations. Any actions that are not allowed by the security policy will result in a SecurityException to be thrown. This article will discuss details of the Java security manager and explain how you can use it with WSO2 API Manager.

[Screencast] WSO2 App Cloud Tutorial 7 - Consuming Different Resources in Different Application Lifecycle Stages

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make your applications change their behavior as they move from development, to test, and then to production environments. This follows our sixth tutorial, where you learnt how invited teams of developers, quality control and operations can work together, moving applications through lifecycle phases.

[Article] Achieve Scalability and Performance With Partitioning In WSO2 CEP

WSO2 CEP analyzes events and acts on them in real time. The backend runtime engine of WSO2 CEP is Siddhi. Financial analysis, fraud detection and monitoring are some use cases where CEP has been used. In such scenarios, performance and scalability are key aspects when dealing with high volumes and/or high rate of events. Partitioning is one technique in achieving scalability as well as performance. This article explains how partitioning is being used in WSO2 Siddhi and how partitions can help analyze events to extract important data.

[Tutorial] A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Run a CEP Geo-Extension Sample

This tutorial will take you through a sample that demonstrates how you can filter incoming location event attributes using the geo extension isWithin function. This uses the capability of custom Siddhi functions.

[Article] Geo Fencing for Internet of Things with WSO2 CEP

Integration of geospatial data into software applications is evident today with the wide availability of GPS services, especially using handheld/mobile devices. In addition, geospatial data is now becoming universally available through wide spreading social media networks. This article will provide an introduction to geospatial analysis and also discuss geo fencing for IoT with WSO2 CEP.