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[Screencast] Writing Integration Test Cases for WSO2 API Manager

The WSO2 test automation framework uses test engine as its underlying testing framework. This tutorial will demonstrate how you can write an automated integration test for WSO2 API Manager using the WSO2 test automation framework. The objective of this screencast is to explain how you can write your test class, configure automated test-related configurations, and finally run your test class.

[Presentation] Pattern driven Enterprise Architecture

Patterns provide structure and clarity, enabling architects to establish their solutions across the enterprise. Moreover, these software patterns also help to link technology and business requirements in an effective and efficient manner. Patterns help to incorporate robust solutions for business problems due to their wide adoption as well as reusability. In addition, patterns create a common method to communicate, document and describe solutions.

[Presentation] Tracking a soccer game with big data

Mobile devices, sensors, and GPS' are driving demand to handle big data in both batch and real-time. This presentation discusses how we used complex event processing (CEP) and MapReduce-based technologies to track and process data from a soccer match as part of the annual DEBS event processing challenge.

[Presentation] Creating an API Centric Enterprise

Just a few years back, websites had to be created in order to gain customers. Today, with the rise of mobile applications, APIs have taken over to foster innovation and help the productivity of developers, inside and outside of the enterprise. With the help of RESTful tooling, OAuth as an access control standard, and Swagger as a documentation toolbox, enterprises have been exposing APIs used by thousands of developers around the world.

[Presentation] Next-Gen Apps with IoT and Cloud

The nature of apps (mobile/web/device) has changed to keep pace with rapidly changing and challenging business requirements as well as technology advances. To meet those challenges, app development too has changed. Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies have become facilitators to enable the above technology characteristics.

[Presentation] Securing the Insecure

Insecurity is a perception. There are no 100% secure systems on earth. Many cryptographic algorithms developed in the 80s and 90s can now be broken due to advancements in computer processing power. Security has always been, from the onset, about preventing undesirable behavior in networks and systems. There are three security properties that when violated, can lead to undesirable behavior; confidentiality, integrity and availability.

[Screencast] Securing Plain Text Passwords using Carbon Secure Vault

In this screencast we will discuss how to use Carbon secure vault in order to secure plain text passwords in WSO2 products and how to apply it in your deployment with your own key store.

[Article] Get Near Real-Time API Traffic Notifications with WSO2 Complex Event Processor

WSO2 API Manager provides capabilities to build an API ecosystem through which APIs can be advertized and managed. API administration is a key component in API management and it is vital for administrators and API publishers to know how well these meet SLAs. WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP) can provide the ability to monitor API traffic in near real-time and notify administrators if SLAs are violated. This article will focus on how WSO2 CEP can be integrated with WSO2 API Manager and provide benefits to an organization.

[Presentation] APIs that Change Lifestyles

This presentation provides a guide on building the most useful APIs, and explaines the benefits of having the right infrastructure to host and manage your APIs in order to make the best out of what you have to offer.

[Blog Post] Introducing WSO2 Analytics Platform - Note to Architects

WSO2 has had several analytics products, such as WSO2 BAM and WSO2 CEP; the latest one, which will be available soon, will be WSO2 Machine Learner, a product that will help create, evaluate, and deploy predictive models. In this blog post, Srinath will describe how all of these fit into WSO2's analytics platform story.