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How do I create a ConfigurationContext from a source other than a file system?

By Eran Chinthaka
Date: Tue, 25th Jul, 2006
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Eran Chinthaka
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ConfigurationContext is the heart of Apache Axis2 engine's runtime configuration. The behaviour of Axis2 engine can be controlled using properties and parameters in its ConfigurationContext. A ConfigurationContext is usually initialized with the static information loaded through AxisConfiguration.

The easiest way to create an AxisConfiguration is by using a file system based resource like axis2.xml. Since this is the widely used method of creating a ConfigurationContext, Axis2's ConfigurationContextFactory has an in-built convenience method to create an instance of ConfigurationContext from a file. How is this done? Just see below.

ConfigurationContext configContext = ConfigurationContextFactory.
(pathToRepository, pathToAxis2xml);

Axis2 has other choices for loading AxisConfiguration as well. It is possible to write a custom AxisConfigurator for example, to load it from a database by writing a class that implements the AxisConfigurator interface.

public interface AxisConfigurator {

* Configurationcontextfactory will invoke this method to get
the AxisConfiguration
* @return AxisConfigurator
AxisConfiguration getAxisConfiguration() throws AxisFault;

* Method to deploy services from the repository
void loadServices();

* Engages the global modules specified in the configuration
* @throws AxisFault
void engageGlobalModules() throws AxisFault;

Axis2 also has three built-in AxisConfigurators, namely:

  1. FileSystemConfigurator - Loads information from file system based resources
  2. WarBasedConfigurator - Loads information when its deployed in a web container.
  3. URLBasedAxisConfigurator - Loads information when the repository is accessed through a remote URL.

Once you have implemented your own AxisConfigurator, say MyAxisConfigurator, you can simply use it by calling the createConfigurationContext(AxisConfigurator) method.

ConfigurationContext configContext = ConfigurationContextFactory.
createConfigurationContext(new MyAxisConfigurator());

Applies To:

Apache Axis2/Java 1.0
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