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Apache Synapse ESB - Session from ApacheCon Asia 2006

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By Asankha Perera
  • 20 Aug, 2006
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This presentation made by Asankha Perera at the first ever ApacheCon Asia in Colombo, will introduce the Synapse message mediation framework and how it could be configured and used to solve common enterprise integration scenarios.
Asankha Perera
Architect and Product Manager - WSO2 ESB [Apr 2006 - Oct 2008]
WSO2 Inc
So come along and find out how to build an ESB the open way. The ESB term has become so hyped as to be meaningless. Apache Synapse (under incubation at Apache at the point of making this presentation) is a project based on the maxim: “Code Talks”: instead of hype, Synapse is based on delivering the most useful function needed to build and manage a distributed, interoperable Service Oriented Architecture. Synapse is a lightweight, high-performance pure open source Enterprise Service Bus and Broker. Built on top of Apache Axis2 and Axiom, it supports both transparent proxying and an explicit gateway model. Synapse can be easily extended with additional mediators implemented as Java classes, classes managed by Spring etc. Apache Synapse ESB