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Apache Axis2 Pushes for Better Performance - Deepal Jayasinghe

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By Deepal Jayasingha
  • 30 Jan, 2007
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Apache Axis2 is the hot new platform for Web services. In this podcast, Deepal Jayasinghe talks about the evolution of the Apache SOAP stack where new requirements in SOA have called for a whole new architecture. He also talks about what you can expect in the new release of Axis2 which has better performance and usability.
Deepal Jayasingha

WSO2 Inc.
Deepal Jayasinghe has been a core team member of Apache Axis2 project since its inception and is also involved in the Apache Synapse and WSO2 WSAS projects. Deepal is specialized in J2EE based Web services technologies, WS-* technologies and distributed fault tolerance systems. He is an Associate member of Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka. Podcast: Apache Axis2 Pushes for Better Performance