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New Approach to Binary Data Handling- Thilina Gunarathne

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By Thilina Gunarathne
  • 13 Feb, 2007
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XML doesn't handle embedded binary data very well. However Axiom, the Axis2 Object Model with its native binary data support is able to provide users a simplified and standardized way to handle binary data with XML. In this podcast with Thilina Gunarathne we talk about this new approach to handling binary data.
Thilina Gunarathne
Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.
Thilina Gunarathne is a key contributor to Web Services projects of the Apache Software Foundation. He has been involved in the Apache Axis2 project since it's inception and also implemented the attachments - MTOM/SwA - support for Axis2. Thilina is the founder/lead developer of the Apache Kandula2 project as well as BPEL-Mora, the embeddable business process engine written on top of Apache Axis2. He is currently a member of the Web Services Transactions (WS-TX) technical committee of the international standards organization, OASIS.Podcast: New Approach to Binary Data Handling