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[Blog Post] WSO2 ESB caching in Tenants

In this blog post, Waruna describes some issues when enabling or disabling caching in WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

[Tutorial] A Guide on How to Introduce Notifications Using WSO2 BAM

This tutorial will provide you a step-by-step guide on how you can use the WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (BAM) server for notification purposes through Hive Query execution.

An Analysis of Tools Used for WSO2 Test Cycles to Achieve Effective Results

Using the right tool for the right tasks help to obtain effective results from test cycles. This article will discuss the tools used within WSO2 for its test cycles; the specific uses will be explained in detail through scenarios.

[Presentation] Gain Startup Speed with DevOps PaaS

Chris Haddad presented a workshop titled "Gain Startup Speed with DevOps PaaS" at Gigaom Structure held in San Francisco recently. In his talk, he spoke about how innovative WSO2 clients are gaining startup speed, reducing project risk, and enabling new business models by adopting DevOps PaaS.

[Presentation] PaaS Design & Architecture: A Deep Dive into Apache Stratos

Samisa Abeysinghe presented a talk on "PaaS Design & Architecture: A Deep Dive into Apache Stratos" at QCon held in New York recently. In his talk, he spoke about the advantages of using Apache Stratos as your PaaS framework.

[Presentation] API Driven Applications - An ecosystem architecture

Organised by C4 media, QCon facilited the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. The event was aimed at technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.

[Presentation] Evolution of a Connected Business

Co-Founder and CTO at WSO2, Paul Fremantle, presented a talk titled "Evolution of a Connected Business" at the Forrester's Forum For Technology Management Leaders held in London . His talk focused on how APIs, cloud, and mobile create and enhance new business models. He also spoke about the importance of APIs, how cloud development can be transformative, and the ways in which mobile and IoT can be integrated to create a connected business.

Introducing Automated Tests for WSO2 Products

The WSO2 Automation Framework provides users with the capability to write test cases with an easy to approach model. All you need to know is how to work with TestNG and its annotations. This article explains how a newbie can start from scratch to add a test module and run test cases successfully with any WSO2 product.

[Blog Post] Revolutionizing Government Military IT

In this blog post, Chris discusses some points pertaining to the revolutionization of government military IT.

Time Series Analysis with WSO2 Complex Event Processor

A time series is a sequence of observations recorded at regular intervals one after the other. Time series analysis accounts for the fact that data points taken over time may have a structure like trend, seasonal, cyclical, or irregular. Regression can be used to forecast purposes where it is all about predicting Y values for a given set of predictors. This article discusses how WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP) can be used to carry out a time series analysis.