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[Article] Introducing WebSocket APIs with WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager introduces WebSocket API creation. This article gives an introduction to the WebSocket protocol and explains functionality that WSO2 API Manager offers via WebSocket APIs. It will also give a brief understanding on the deployment architecture of WebSocket APIs.

[Article] Leveraging API Management in Your Enterprise - Use Cases

From API design and development to API security and analytics, WSO2 API Manager provides enterprises the capability to unlock the true value of their digital assets by designing, creating, publishing and managing APIs.

Use cases

[Article] Leveraging digital-ready businesses with WSO2 API Manager

Rapid development of the Internet and web-based technologies have significantly contributed to the growth of IT recently. Business too are reaping the benefits by

In the recent past, growth of IT was boosted due to the rapid development of internet and web based technologies. As a result, businesses were also expanded with the aid of internet and web services. Most business entities have adapted to this new change with the intention of reaching more customers and maximizing revenue. This article describes how WSO2 API Manager can be used to facilitate the growth of a digital ready business with an API driven business model.

APIs: The Gateway to Digital Transformation

In this webinar, Nuwan Dias, associate director/architect at WSO2, will discuss API management designs and best practices, their benefits and drawbacks and how APIs can assist an enterprise in their digital transformation journey.*995486011*253306507,196852371,236650907,995486011,387519979,196484483*,,,,,*Sign up for all webinars in the Enabling Digital Transformation with WSO2 Technology - Webinar Series*APIs: The Gateway to Digital Transformation

[Article] API Management Best Practices with WSO2 API Manager

Best practices are followed in any industry to create superior, high-quality solutions. In today’s API management arena, there are many best practices to ensure the quality of the API management product or platform. WSO2 API Manager is a complete, free and open source API management solution that has been engineered in a way that API developers, administrators, and users can follow these best practices. This article describes how this can be done with the related concepts.