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WSO2 Identity Server supports SAML authentication and single sign-on capabilities where it can be used as the identity provider for a relying party application (service provider). This blog post will focus on how you can retrieve user claims in SAML response with service provider claim configuration in WSO2 IS.

API Management


[Article] API Management Best Practices with WSO2 API Manager

Best practices are followed in any industry to create superior, high-quality solutions. In today’s API management arena, there are many best practices to ensure the quality of the API management product or platform. WSO2 API Manager is a complete, free and open source API management solution that has been engineered in a way that API developers, administrators, and users can follow these best practices. This article describes how this can be done with the related concepts.

[Article] Introducing SDK Support with WSO2 API Manager

A software development kit (SDK) is a toolbox that allows developers to create software applications using various programming languages to consume a given service. This article will introduce the SDK generation feature in WSO2 API Manager and explain how it can be used to consume APIs hosted in WSO2 API Manager.

[Article] Use Cases: Utilizing SAML with WSO2 API Manager

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a widely used XML-based standard that allows exchange of authentication, authorization, and identity related information between different entities. SAML can be used with WSO2 API Manager for many use cases. This article will discuss how

  1. 1. SAML can be used to provide single sign-on for API manager user interfaces
  2. 2. An application can invoke an API with a SAML token
  3. 3. SAML can be used by API manager to federate identity to an external identity provider

[Article] Six Business Benefits of API Management

APIs are the key foundation of digital transformation that allows you to expose your business functionality in order to unlock the true value of your digital assets, create business agility and promote innovation and collaboration.

According to Forrester’s Global Business Technographics® Developer Survey, 20161 48% of enterprises are currently using APIs internally and 15% are planning to by mid-2017. Not far behind, 40% are using APIs externally and 17% are planning to within the next 12 months.

[WSO2Con EU 2016] Understanding the WSO2 API Management Platform

This session, depicts the key challenges of deploying an API management solution and how WSO2’s API Management platform can address them by supporting API provisioning, security and analytics. Also described, is the, various deployment options & key deployment patterns one can adopt.