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[Article] WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - Mediation, Service and Data Integration Under the Same Roof

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator consists of a number of components that provide the features required for a complete integration use case. By having a single product with combined functionality, developers can learn and start using the product faster and cross features will be seamlessly integrated out-of-the-box. Message transformation, mediation, data services, and message brokering are some of the features that will be highlighted in this article.

[Blog Post] OAuth 2.0 Threat Landscapes

Not long ago — early one day in May, I got an email from a good friend of mine, which I didn't resist to open and check out what it was. He had shared a Google doc — and once I clicked on the link a suspicious screen appeared, asking me permission to read, delete, send and manage my emails. Why on the earth would ‘Google Docs’ ask permissions to access my emails? I really didn’t bother to see whether it’s the real Google Docs — or fake, but I didn’t proceed any further.

[Blog] The Role of Identity and Access Management in the Era of Digital Transformation

In this blog Prabath Siriwardana explores what encompasses a successful identity and access management strategy for digital transformation.

[Article] Frictionless Adoption of Security Recommendations for the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) with WSO2

The Payment Services Directive 2 has been initiated by the European Union for the advancement of digital payment services. In order to adhere to the directive, payment service providers are required to follow several rules and recommendations in API security, API exposure, user authentication and user authorization. This article discusses the main considerations under PSD2 and how WSO2 products (mainly WSO2 Identity Server and WSO2 API Manager) can be leveraged when adapting and moving beyond PSD2.

[Article] Implementing a Complete Enterprise Software System Using WSO2 Integration Cloud

The WSO2 Cloud Platform consists of Integration Cloud, API Cloud, Identity Cloud and the Device Cloud. In this article we’ll take a look at how you can create an end-to-end integration scenario using several components offered by WSO2 Integration Cloud.

[WSO2 Summit London 2017] How to Plan and Run your Digital Transformation

"Think big, act small" - It’s easy to develop a vision, but the path to achieve it from where you are right now often has many technical and non-technical barriers. Asanka will share his experiences as a consultant and evangelist of digital transformation, and discuss a practical implementation model using an iterative approach.