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[WSO2 Summit London 2017] How to Plan and Run your Digital Transformation

"Think big, act small" - It’s easy to develop a vision, but the path to achieve it from where you are right now often has many technical and non-technical barriers. Asanka will share his experiences as a consultant and evangelist of digital transformation, and discuss a practical implementation model using an iterative approach.

[WSO2 Summit London 2017] Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape

Digital businesses are reshaping the landscape of many industries with novel products, services, and business models. To thrive and remain competitive new businesses and established enterprises alike need to adapt both their technology strategies and core aspects of their cultures. In this talk Sanjiva reviews cultural factors, technology requirements, and proven strategies for driving an effective digital transformation initiative.

[Article] Introducing WebSocket APIs with WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager introduces WebSocket API creation. This article gives an introduction to the WebSocket protocol and explains functionality that WSO2 API Manager offers via WebSocket APIs. It will also give a brief understanding on the deployment architecture of WebSocket APIs.

[Article] Leveraging API Management in Your Enterprise - Use Cases

From API design and development to API security and analytics, WSO2 API Manager provides enterprises the capability to unlock the true value of their digital assets by designing, creating, publishing and managing APIs.

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