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Try the WSO2 Tungsten Instances at is a place where a Web services developer will get access to a host of useful utilities. You can try out the latest WSO2 Tungsten (now known as WSAS) for Java 1.0 here, where there are "public" and "private" WSO2 Tungsten instances. All these instances will be restarted on an hourly basis ensuring that you will get access to a clean Tungsten 1.0 instance for an hour. You can opt for a "private" instance if you want to have your dedicated Tungsten 1.0 instance to play with. Just follow the simple instructions...

How to Change the WSO2 WSAS Database

WSO2 WSAS ships with an Apache Derby database, along with the Apache Derby EmbeddedDriver. This database is used for storing all data required by WSAS. One of the limitations of using this embedded configuration is that the database can only be used by a single Java process. This means, in order to query/update the database using a database administration tool, WSAS has to be shutdown. In a production environment, the database administrators/trouble-shooter will need to connect to the database without having to shutdown the server. Also, several instances of WSAS may have to share the same database, specially in the case of a clustered deployment.

Axis2 – Performance Testing Round #1

By Davanum Srinivas

Some say that there are more Web Service benchmarks than there are Web Services protocols. And that's plenty! Everyone has their favorite set of tests and so far there isn't a single agreed standard benchmark. For example: Sun originally published a white paper Comparing JavaTM 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EETM platform) and .NET Framework. Microsoft responded with its own paper Comparing Web Service Performance, which caused Sun to respond. We decided to take a different tack for testing Axis2 performance...

Accelerating Web Services Development with Axis2

This tutorial was presented by Deepal Jayasinghe and Ajith Ranabahu at ApacheCon US 2005. The Tutorial includes an overview of Axis2 and Axiom with code samples as well.

Introducing Apache Axis2

This tutorial was presented by Eran Chinthaka and Chathura Herath at ApacheCon EU 2005. It covers installation, accessing existing endpoints, implementing and deploying a service and developing extensions.

Introducing Axis2

Presented at ApacheCon EU 2005 by Ajith Ranabahu, this very first Apache Axis2 presentation made at an international conference introduces the Apache Axis2 project. It includes the project team, a look at SOAP stacks, and motives and key features of Axis2

Introducing Axis2

Why Axis2: The Future of Web Services

Presented at ApacheCon US in 2005, this presentation by Eran Chinthaka gives a good overview on Apache Axis2 and its extensibility.

Unexpected number of X509Data: for Signature. Why?

Q: I get an exception saying "Unexpected number of X509Data: for Signature". Where have I gone wrong?

How do I change the filename of the deployed tungsten.war ?

Q. What should I do in order to rename the tungsten.war to, say, foobar.war, without breaking any of the functionality of Tungsten?