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Deploying a Javascript (E4X) Service in Axis2

E4X (ECMAScript for XML) extends the semantics of familiar Javascript operators to manipulate XML data. When it comes to Web services we all speak XML. Therefore, if you could write an E4X service it would provide a versatile and easy way to manipulate the XML in order to implement the business logic. This document will introduce how you can write a service using Javascript and how it can be exposed through Apache Axis2/Java Web service engine.

Functional Extensions on Top of Apache Axis2

This contribution by Jaliya Ekanayake and Dennis Gannon introduces a common architecture to implement various QOS on top of Apache Axis2 avoiding future incompatibilities between these implementations.

Getting started with WSO2 Tungsten - Part 1

This article is a simple introduction to WSO2 Tungsten - what it is, what it does, and how to get started. A follow-up article will take you through building a sample application and client. The article is based on the February alpha release of Tungsten (1.0 Alpha)


Avoiding Mistakes Made Using Axis2

As Apache Axis2 is still in its early stages, there can be many stumbling blocks when getting started. Deepal Jayasinghe points out where most go wrong and how to tackle each situation in this article on the 10 biggest mistakes developers make in Axis2. This is a must read for any newcomer.

Axis2 Execution Framework

Apache Axis2 is all about flexibility and ease of use. Many new features have been added on, yet it remains more efficient than its Axis1.x base. Check out how easy it is to configure the handler chain which has the ability to change dynamically in Axis2. In this article Deepal Jayasinghe takes you through the concept of phases, phase rules, and module engagement to achieve flexibility.

WSO2 Tungsten 1.0 Alpha released!

WSO2 Tungsten is an integrated Web services Platform which offers a complete middleware solution. It is a lightweight, high performing platform for Service Oriented Architectures, enabling business logic and applications. Bringing together a number Apache Web services projects, WSO2 Tungsten provides a secure, transactional and reliable runtime for deploying and managing Web services.

Inside the Axis2 Code Generator

Axis2 is Apache's new SOAP stack emerging with a number of promising features. One of the most important components that has been completely re-written and significantly different from it's predecessor is the Axis2 code generator. In this article Ajith Ranabahu explores the requirements for the code generator and dives down into the details of it's architecture. It also glances at various ways the code generator can be customized and adopted to cater for diverse code generation needs.