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[WSO2Con USA 2017] Opening Keynote: Vision for Agile Digital Transformation

This keynote will discuss the global drive toward digital businesses and the cornerstones of digital transformation initiatives, key technology enablers for digital transformation, the importance of a digital transformation culture and how enterprises can embark on their digital transformation journey with WSO2.

[Article] Six Business Benefits of Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) is no longer just about managing employees but also encompasses customers, partners, suppliers, and devices. It enables you to provide a seamless experience to all users of your system while making sure that security is the highest priority.

[Article] Six Business Benefits of Integration

Today’s enterprises rely heavily on enterprise software applications. Often, said software applications have been created by different vendors and built with different technologies and standards. At some point, every enterprise finds itself with massive volumes of data locked in complex applications that might require departments in their own right to access.