[Article] Implementing a Complete Enterprise Software System Using WSO2 Integration Cloud

The WSO2 Cloud Platform consists of Integration Cloud, API Cloud, Identity Cloud and the Device Cloud. In this article we’ll take a look at how you can create an end-to-end integration scenario using several components offered by WSO2 Integration Cloud.

Turning a Software Product Company Into a Cloud Company

In this webinar Dmitry Sotnikov, the vice president of cloud at WSO2, will explain the advantages of moving towards a cloud and as-a-service model. He will also share some practical advice on the transition towards a cloud-based model.*185280507****Turning a Software Product Company Into a Cloud Company

WSO2 Update Manager: One Stop Shop for All Product Updates

In this webinar, Sameera Jayasoma, an associate director and architect at WSO2, will introduce the WSO2 Update Manager and explore how it can help you get instant product updates with easy access and other benefits.*348941795***

[WSO2Con EU 2016] Getting Started with App Cloud and API Cloud for SMEs

Addressing one of the many challenges in IT enablement, Amila demonstrates, what WSO2 App Cloud (now known as WSO2 Integration Cloud) and API Cloud offers, how easily one can get started and how it could reduce cost of IT infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises.

[Blog Post] How to Deploy WSO2 Middleware on Cloud Foundry

In this blog post, Imesh will explain Cloud Foundry architecture, discuss some highlights and drawbacks, and take you through the steps on how to deploy WSO2 middleware.

[Tutorial] How To Achieve Continuous Integration and Deployment with WSO2 App Cloud

One way to improve a developer’s productivity is to automate repetitive tasks, such as building, committing, deploying, and testing. In this tutorial you will learn how to configure Jenkins and GitHub to achieve continuous integration and continuous deployment with WSO2 App Cloud (now known as WSO2 Integration Cloud). A basic knowledge in using Maven, Git, and invoking REST APIs is recommended to follow these steps.

[WSO2Con USA 2015] Getting More 9s from Your Deployment

Managing a highly available and highly reliable deployment has always been challenging. To obtain more 9s from your deployment you need to focus the technology as well as on proper architecture, correct tooling, discipline, intelligent monitoring, and effective communication. In this session Amila, a senior technical lead at WSO2, will discuss how to mitigate risks with a fail-proof architecture, the importance of devops, monitoring the deployment, effective communication and best practices and know-how of deployment.

[WSO2Con US 2015] Scale into Multi Cloud with Containers

Containers are becoming the most efficient way of deploying middleware solutions in the cloud because of their lightweight nature with virtualization. In this talk Imesh Gunaratne, a senior technical lead at WSO2, will first analyze how containers work and how they can be run in a clustered environment with Kubernetes. Later, he will explain in detail how multiple Kubernetes clusters can be deployed in a multi-cloud environment to create a geographically distributed system.