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Operational Optimization Through Integration

In this webinar Shevan Goonetilleke, the chief operating officer at WSO2, will discuss the benefits of optimizing operational processes through integration and how it can be done based on examples within WSO2.*911112947****Operational Optimization Through Integration

Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.1

This webinar will explore all the benefits of the newly introduced WSO2 Enterprise Integrator. Enterprise Integrator is a composite of the open-source integration functionality we’ve been offering so far with products like WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Message Broker, WSO2 Application Server, WSO2 Business Process Server and WSO2 Data Services Server.*315860171****Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.1

[Article] JMS 2.0 Support with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

Java Message Service (JMS) is an application program interface (API) from Sun Microsystems that supports the formal communication known as messaging between computers in a network. This article will explain the support for JMS 2.0 features which was introduced in WSO2 Enterprise Integrator. The article also includes use cases and configurations required when implementing those features with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.

The Role of Enterprise Integration in Digital Transformation

In this webinar, Kasun Indrasiri, director at WSO2, will focus on future trends in enterprise integration and how WSO2 Integration addresses these needs for digital transformation.*253306507*253306507,196852371,236650907,995486011,387519979,196484483*,,,,,*Sign up for all webinars in the Enabling Digital Transformation with WSO2 Technology - Webinar Series*The Role of Enterprise Integration in Digital Transformation