[Article] Six Business Benefits of Integration

Today’s enterprises rely heavily on enterprise software applications. Often, said software applications have been created by different vendors and built with different technologies and standards. At some point, every enterprise finds itself with massive volumes of data locked in complex applications that might require departments in their own right to access.

[Screencast] Introduction to WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Tooling

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus' tooling component is a replacement for WSO2 Developer Studio that provides the capabilities of an eclipse based development environment. This screencast will introduce this capability and explore how you can develop, debug and deploy your services, features and artifacts as well as manage their dependencies through a simplified graphical editor.

WSO2 ESB tooling ensures reusability, maintainability and extensibility of WSO2 ESB artifacts.

[Article] WSO2 Data Mapper: Message Transformation Revolutionized

This article will explain the key benefits of the data mapper functionality and discuss the capabilities of the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus data mapper mediator. It also includes several sample use cases that further illustrate the data mapper mediator’s extensibility for message transformation in any enterprise integration project.