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REST & API Management with the WSO2 ESB - Tuesday, November 29th 2011

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REST & API Management with the WSO2 ESB - Tuesday, November 29th 2011

  • By Dasunpriya Anuradha Mallikarachchi
  • 15 Oct, 2011
  • Reads: 5608

In SOA , REST and WS-* carry equal precedence on the popularity scale.. However, architects and developers prefer REST over WS-* due to its simplicity, flexibility and the efficiency it can provide when combined with technologies such as XML and JSON, Therefore providing REST APIs for existing applications is a very common use case in the context of enterprise integration. This creates the requirement for having a robust integration framework which can process RESTful invocations with minimum overheads while connecting to diverse backend applications.

Hiranya JayathilakaAsanka AbeysingheThis session will explore the REST support available in the WSO2 ESB. It will explain how to expose RESTful services on the WSO2 ESB and how to route REST calls to applications based on different technologies such as SOAP and JMS. The presentation will also walk through some exciting new features of the WSO2 ESB which can be used to manage RESTful resources and APIs.

Hiranya, Associate Technical Lead and Product Manager for the WSO2 ESB. is an open source enthusiast and a committer for Apache Synapse and Apache Xerces2/J. He is a core contributor for implementing REST support and API management support in the WSO2 ESB. He has also been involved in many onsite and offshore enterprise integration efforts.

Asanka Abeysinghe, Director Solutions Architechure at WSO2, manages solutions architects and technical consultants. He is also the technical owner of customer engagements and solutions.

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