WSO2 Guest Webinar: Building the World’s Biggest iBeacon Living Lab with WSO2

This webinar will discuss how the city of Amsterdam, together with Yenlo and partners, is building the biggest iBeacon Living Lab with the help of WSO2 products, to make navigation, hyper local advertising, coupling and many other services a reality.

WSO2 Product Release Webinar: WSO2 Enterprise Store 2.0

This webinar will provide insights on the new WSO2 Enterprise Store 2.0 and will discuss it's features in detail

Building an Enterprise Architecture with Patterns (re-cap session)

In our final enterprise architecture patterns webinar for this series, we summarise our findings of all four architecture styles, and critically analyze the results in order to figure out where they really fit.

Desafiando las transformaciones con WSO2 ESB

En este webinar explicaremos las mejores prácticas a la hora de transformar los mensajes de nuestros servicios con WSO2 ESB. Como cambiar el formato del mensaje (por ejemplo de XML a JSON), como crear mensajes desde cero o como modificar mensajes utilizando las diferentes herramientas que nos ofrece WSO2 ESB.

Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA)

This webinar will elaborate the history of ROA (Resource-Oriented Architecture) and its current landscape along with the new development around the architecture pattern.

Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA)

This webinar will elaborate on the concept of Web Oriented Architecture (WOA), and the changes we've seen over the last 10 years as well as what's trending today.

Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

This webinar will discuss the basics of EDA (Event Driven Architecture) and how it can benefit enterprises

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This webinar will discuss the key architecture goals of SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture) and how it can benefit business efficiencies

BIM to Common Data Environment: Next-Generation Asset Data Integration Platform Developed on WSO2 Middleware Platform

This webinar will focus on how Mitra has leveraged the WSO2 platform and launched the revolutionary BIMaaS (BIM as a Service) platform – a lightweight, robust & scalable platform that can create a sophisticated common data environment.

Successful Industrial IoT Patterns

In this webinar, John Mathon will share insights into how enterprise organizations are extending their architecture, DevOps processes, and security policies to overcome today's IoT and M2M challenges and seize opportunity right now.