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[Presentation] A Reference Architecture for IoT: How to Create a Resilient, Secure IoT Cloud

Co-Founder and CTO at WSO2, Paul Fremantle, presented a talk titled "A Reference Architecture for IoT: How to create a resilient, secure IoT cloud" at the IoT World Forum in London. The talk discussed how the world is moving from thousands of connected clients to millions of connected devices; and how we are moving from a known security perimeter to an almost infinite attack space. Scalable and secure architecture enables IoT to succeed and Paul elaborated what such an architecture should look like, and how major companies have implemented this using best of breed open-source components.

[Article] Real-time Intruder Detection with R, PMML, and WSO2 CEP

This tutorial will explain how you could use WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP) and Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) for building real-time predictive modeling applications, using network intruder detection as an example. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create and test PMML models in the CEP for practical applications.

[Presentation] The Evolution of Linux Container Virtualization

Traditional virtualization technologies have been used by cloud infrastructure providers for many years in providing isolated environments for hosting applications. These technologies make use of full-blown operating system images for creating virtual machines (VMs). According to this architecture, each VM needs its own guest operating system to run application processes. More recently, with the introduction of the Docker project, the Linux Container (LXC) virtualization technology became popular and attracted the attention of the entire software industry. Imesh explains the evolution of Linux Container virtualization in this presentation.

[Screencast] WSO2 App Cloud Tutorial 5 - Teamwork, Roles and Permissions

With the help of our previous tutorial, you can now take an existing Java WAR package and get it running in the cloud. In this, our fifth tutorial, we show you how to invite new members to your team in the cloud, grant them access to applications, and enforce permissions within each role.

[Blog Post] Let's get started with WSO2 App Cloud

In this blog post, Amila explains some improvements made to enhance the experience provided to WSO2 Cloud users.

[Tutorial] Reliable Message Publishing (JMS) to BAM using MB

This tutorial will provide a step-by-step approach on how to successfully implement a simple example of reliable message publishing to a business activity monitor using JMS communication.

[Blog Post] State of Development vs. State of Availability

In this blog post, Senaka explains runtime governance focusing on the type of processes involved as well as the complexities.