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[Presentation] Connected Identity: Benefits, Risks & Challenges

Connected businesses are extremely dynamic and involve a complex environment. Your desire is to reach out to your customers, partners, distributors and suppliers and create more and more business interactions and activities that will generate greater revenue. The goal here is not to just integrate technological silos in your enterprise, but also to make your business more accessible and reactive.

In this presentation, Prabath shows you the benefits, risks and challenges of a connected identity ​environment.

[Tutorial] Hosting RESTful Web Services Using OAuth with the WSO2 Platform

In this use case a RESTful web service is hosted using OAuth authentication. A request will be saved into a database and the response will be returned to the service consumer. This request and response should be in JSON format.

[Blog Post] Understanding Threads Created in WSO2 ESB

WSO2 ESB is an asynchronous high performing messaging engine that uses Java NIO technology for its internal implementations. In this blog post, Chanaka discusses various threads created when you start the ESB and start processing requests with it. This will help you to troubleshoot critical ESB server issues with the usage of a thread dump.

[Tutorial] SSO for Microsoft Sharepoint Web Applications with WSO2 Identity Server

This tutorial will give you a step-by-step guide on how to implement single sign on (SSO) for Microsoft Sharepoint web applications with the WSO2 Identity Server.

[Blog Post] How to Add a Custom Message to WSO2 API Publisher

In this blog post, Sanjeewa explains how you could show custom messages based on user input or selections in WSO2 API Manager. He will take you through the process of adding sub themes and changing the look and feel of jaggery applications.

Click here to read Sanjeewa's blog.

[Blog Post] Identity Mediation Language (IML) - Requirements Specification

The objective of the Identity Mediation Language (IML) is to define a configuration language that would run in an Identity Bus - to mediate and transform identity tokens between multiple service providers and identity providers in a protocol agnostic manner. In this blog post, Prabath aims to define the high-level requirements for the IML.

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[Article] Fast Topic Matching Algorithm Implementation For WSO2 Message Broker

This article will illustrate topic matching that has been used in the WSO2 Message Broker and how it has been improved by using fast topic matching. The usual inverted bitmap technique and the optimized inverted bitmaps topic matching is discussed under this article. The topic matching logic is explained with examples. In addition, it includes important logic about how it is implemented inside WSO2 Message Broker.

[Tutorial] Single Sign On for ASP.NET MVC4 Web Applications with WSO2 Identity Server

This tutorial will describe how SSO can be configured for ASP.NET MVC4 web applications with SAML2 using ComponentSpace SAML2 library.

[Video] Building Tomorrow's Enterprise: Reports from the Ground Wars

In today’s highly competitive world, a Connected Business stays ahead of the game with seamless internal and external connectivity. In this open discussion, we identified technical and non technical challenges in the journey of building a Connected Business from a team who has achieved this in Brazil.

[Presentation] IoT and API Management - A Match Made in Heaven

Billions of devices connect to the Internet forming a complex web of Internet of Things. Some challenges of such a system include, device registration, authorization and management. Once a device successfully registers itself, it is able to publish data and also expose actuators to be control by authorized calls. This session deep dived into API Management in the IoT space and discussed device registration, exposing devices as APIs, applying API management best practices to manage device APIs and discussed why OAuth2 is a natural fit for authorizing access to devices.