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[Article] WSO2 Governance Registry: Governance Framework Extension Points

This article will discuss how you can mitigate risk and maximize business performance by having the right governance model in your enterprise using WSO2 Governance Registry and its governance framework based extension points.

[WSO2Con EU 2015] Data Integration and Business Processes

[WSO2Con EU 2015] ESB: The Backbone of Integration

[Article] Multi-Environment Artifact Management for WSO2 Products Using WSO2 Governance Registry

Organizations maintain multiple environments to manage different stages in the product development lifecycle. This article looks at how WSO2 Governance Registry can be used to manage artifacts relating to WSO2 products deployed across multiple environments in an organization.

[Screencast] WSO2 Business Process Server - BPEL Correlation Guide

When you have a BPEL process, there will be an instance to handle every process that comes in. There might be some occasions, however, where you need to relate the request to an existing instance that's already in the system; in such occasions, you can use correlation. This screencast will focus on a simple BPEL correlation and explain the flow of the process.

[Blog Post] Identity Broker Pattern : 15 Fundamentals

This blog post defines fifteen fundamentals that ideally need to be supported by an identity broker to cater to future identity and access management goals.

[WSO2Con EU 2015] IoT in Finance