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WSO2 Platforms

WSO2 Platforms

Designed to implement and support industry best practices for enterprise architecture and cloud deployments, WSO2 Platforms focus on making enterprise application development more effective, offers better value, and delivers a faster return on investment to organizations.

As enterprises today look to build more loosely coupled, service integrated, process managed, and monitored applications, WSO2 provides the best platform to write highly-available and scalable applications. Its not just about building Java code but linking together legacy apps, monitoring, managing and securing those apps, as well as governing them.

Our open and lean approach holds the promise to simplify integration, streamline processes, and optimize the use of resources via the only fully componentized middleware platform - WSO2 Carbon. The Carbon Core can be combined with any of the 150+ pluggable components that comprise the WSO2 Carbon middleware platform to let developers create exactly the server runtime they need. Today, WSO2 offers more than a dozen middleware products in both on-premise and fully multi-tenant cloud versions that are all built on the same code base.

This approach provides three key benefits

  • Customers can adopt new parts of the WSO2 platform with minimum disruption.
  • The platform architecture can fit the business and existing IT architecture.
  • Shared application platform services are re-used across products to accelerate your delivery and reduce your learning curve.

Based on our experience with various customers, following are a few platforms, comprising of a set of products, that have helped solve particular enterprise problems.

SOA & Integration Platform
Governance Platform
Identity and Entitlement Management Platform
Application Development Platform
Big Data Analytics Platform