Developer Community Cites WSO2 API Manager Advantages

Marco Carnevale, Chief Architect, JDM Systems Consultants, Inc.

JDM’s experience with the WSO2 API Manager beta software has been extremely positive from the very beginning. The ease of the download and installation process allowed us to get up and running very quickly. The documentation was comprehensive and well written, which helped us to quickly understand the concepts around managing an API.

We particularly liked the way we could control and version the published APIs independently from the API implementations. The built-in OAuth key management in conjunction with the ability to manage multiple APIs around a single application was very useful.

The API Manager will fill an existing gap in tools identified by our SOA implementation teams while delivering solutions to our customers. Service lifecycle management tasks, which have traditionally required significant manual intervention, can now be streamlined to improve the service governance process benefiting our customers.

The API Store provides developers an excellent place to discover new APIs and learn about their capabilities. Overall, the WSO2 API Manager is an innovative, useful, and feature rich-application, which we will continue to utilize in the future with our new and existing customers.

Kin Lane, Founder, API Evangelist

I was looking for a full open source API platform tool, and it appears WSO2 has what I was looking for.

WSO2 API Manager is a simple, easy to understand API platform, but has all the hardened enterprise goodness many developers will be looking for when it comes to security, governance, policy enforcement, etc.

WSO2 breaks the API users into what I think are important target segments:

  • API Creator – The technical owner of an API
  • API Publisher – The business owner of an API
  • API Consumer – The developer or consumer of an API

I really like this distinction because it acknowledges that many APIs are not born out of technical departments, and it allows for duel ownership of any API from the technical and business disciplines—which is very important to the success of an API.

WSO2 API Manager meets my vision because it’s a platform that has the identity, proxy and other

essential technical pieces, but provides an extensible platform to deliver the other building blocks for a successful API like documentation, code samples, how-tos, forums, etc.