WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) is now extended as WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) - the cloud-enabled, 100% open source solution that include all the other key products and technologies from the WSO2 Integration Platform. WSO2 EI is essentially an integrated packaging of ESB, data services, business processes, business rules, application server, and message brokering.

WSO2 EI allows you to make enterprise data accessible by integrating cloud services and legacy software, and data stores, as well as transforming data seamlessly across different formats and transports with ESB and data services capabilities.

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The Inspiration

To meet the demands and challenges of today’s digital economy, enterprises need to be more agile in delivering new digital products and services. They need to be agile, both internally as well as across digital ecosystems. WSO2 EI facilitates this agility with its consolidated software package for seamlessly integrating applications, services, data and processes across on-premise systems, the cloud, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things.

The Advantage

Proven Scalability, Flexible Deployment

Cloud-enabled software - supports migration between servers, private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid cloud environments, maximizing deployment flexibility

Distributed, modular architecture - allows product components to be decoupled and allocated to different compute resources, making it easy to scale

Supports loose coupling - enables IT teams to readily integrate existing systems, as well as incorporate new technologies as they emerge

Availability and Support

Fully open source solution delivered as a software download that can run directly on servers, on top of a private PaaS or on top of IaaS

Customers can choose to have WSO2 host the software through WSO2 Managed Cloud hosted services

Development support and special QuickStart programs in addition to production support

New Capabilities

Make enterprise data accessible and easily transform data across different formats and transports

Build solutions faster with visual tooling, interactive debugging, and data mapping

Connect anything to anything with robust cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-enterprise integration

Analyze integration flows with advanced, customizable analytics capabilities

Create new web services and functions seamlessly with in-built message brokering

Model and support business processes with in-built capabilities and create long-running solutions

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