Every industry has its own challenges, especially where data is concerned. With years of expertise adapting our analytics products to customer needs, we’ve designed solution templates that target prominent pain points in specific industries. Facing enterprise analytics needs is now easier than ever before.

Banking and Finance

Modern markets and banking environments present large amounts of information - sometimes so much that the human eye cannot pick out the threads from among thousands of patterns in the data.

Using our powerful real-time, batch and predictive capabilities, we’ve built open source solutions specialized for these needs.

Fraud Detection

Converts domain knowledge into generic rules, models unknown types of fraud, and presents interactive data visualizations to investigate fraudulent activities.

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Money Laundering Detection

Uses machine learning to detect known activity patterns, identifies suspicious behavior patterns and sequences, and correlates geographically disparate laundering events.

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Risk Management

Listens to market prices as well as real time changes to portfolios and computes Value at Risk in real time, using historical simulation, parametric method and Monte Carlo simulation.

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Stock Market Surveillance

Uses sophisticated monitoring for identifying complex trading patterns, detecting stock market manipulation in real time, and generating appropriate alerts.

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eCommerce and Marketing

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimates the global ecommerce market to be worth $22 trillion. The world has long since evolved beyond simple shopping carts - customers, too, now expect advanced systems that not only cater to their needs, but can predict them.

At WSO2, we’ve built open source solutions that harness the power of analytics to help you delivering this level of customer experiences for a state-of-the-art shopping experience.

Recommendations Engine

Considers multiple attributes based on a shopper’s buying history, current buying trends, inventory status, active promotions and others to make intelligent product recommendations.

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Ad Optimization

Uses streams of incoming data to help identify targeted audiences, user preferences and to select more appropriate and personalized advertising on the fly.

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Proximity marketing

Harnesses iBeacons to analyse customer behavior. Creates insights for enhanced customer experiences with tailored, real-time, reactive marketing.

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Fleet Management

Controlling fleets of transport vehicles is an imposing task, made simpler and more accurate by technology.

By analyzing data emitted from sensors attached to vehicles in a fleet, WSO2 provides a comprehensive set of features for any organization to monitor their fleet in real time, stay ahead in the maintenance schedules, detect and predict risks in order to take proactive actions to mitigate risks.

With technologies like RFID, it's now possible to have even closer control of the management of goods that's being transported - as well as the transportation media. With the right hardware and WSO2, goods can be tracked and monitored from the point of origin all the way to your consumers.

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Network Monitoring

Network security and maintenance is a serious task: on average, it costs an enterprise more than half a million USD to recover from a breach.

By harnessing the power of machine learning, WSO2’s open-source solution can act as a high-performance network monitor acting in real time, detecting network intrusions and botnet attacks.

Not only does this add faster-than-human detection and responses to your network security; machine learning also goes beyond traditional algorithmic ways of detection, which may be unable to respond to new and evolving threats.

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Smart Energy Analytics

The ever-increasing influx of real-time data engineering, production, and equipment sources, the energy industry faces unique opportunities for analyzing the use of technologies, processes, and shifts in trends.

WSO2 provides an open source solution for continuous analysis and real-time monitoring to analyze demand, predict and optimize energy flow, monitor production facilities and assets, and various other activities, visualizing real-time data using built in dashboards.

A comprehensive set of features cater to a wide variety of analytics demands, including those of Smart Grids, Smart Homes and Oil and Gas Industries.

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Social Media Analysis

Social media is one of the most powerful communication tools available today, but any worthwhile analysis requires processing large data sets of thousands and perhaps millions of tweets, status updates and the like.

WSO2 DAS provides some powerful tools for social media analysis, from keyword and topic analysis to visually graphing community interactions, sentiment and bias on social media. It also allows you to perform location-based analysis.

DAS allows you to sift through terabytes of social media data in both stored and real-time scenarios, allowing you to identify customers, interact and drive your product with exceptional clarity.

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QoS Enablement

In production, a system must not just be well-designed; it must be constantly monitored, and issues that tend to affect the operation of the system must be identified and responded to.

WSO2 DAS is capable of monitoring incoming data streams to identify instances of low throughput, event drops, errors, latency issues, jitter and out-of-order delivery, and enables both visualization of these events and rapid responses to them.

Given the right data, DAS is capable of dynamically prioritizing requests, rate limiting and throttling, blacklisting, detecting anomalies and eliminating outliers in real time. It’s a powerful way of ensuring automated that your systems maintain quality of service no matter what.

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