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DevOps meets ALM in the Cloud – Cloud DevOps PaaS

To improve software delivery performance and effectiveness, teams need automation, governance, architecture best practices, and increased team collaboration. Unfortunately, improving IT performance and effectiveness is not easy. Outdated infrastructure, processes, and disjointed tooling will impede improving application delivery.

A cloud DevOps PaaS unifies open source DevOps, agile, and cloud tooling to deliver a consistent, automated, governed, and unified application development process. By leveraging popular open source products and applying cloud self service provisioning, multi-tenancy, and elastic scalability, a cloud DevOps PaaS solution creates on-demand access to development and run-time infrastructure.

Download this whitepaper to find out how to change development processes, development tooling, and run-time infrastructure to

  • decrease time to market
  • streamline development processes
  • deliver on-time and in-budget
  • meet compliance mandates

Download the White Paper