WSO2 Carbon Product Performance and Deployment Topology Sizing

This white paper aims to provide some insight into WSO2’s Middleware product performance, a capacity planning matrix, capacity planning processes, and how to identify an optimal deployment architecture. It discusses reasons for the WSO2 platform architecture’s creation of a high-performance and scalable middleware platform, and what design principles and product composition sets (including WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Message Broker, WSO2 BAM and WSO2 CEP) will deliver highly scalable and available solutions. It also provides some guidance on how to build your deployment architecture by identifying the correct deployment patterns and reference architecture. Moreover, it gives an analysis on how to gauge solution performance and scale by performing capacity planning to identify the number of server instances required for your enterprise deployment, required hardware/virtualization infrastructure, and infrastructure provisioning requirements by using tested facts instead of traditional sizing assumptions.

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