Customer Stories

TechSoup can be described as a facilitator of digital philanthropy, donating tech services to charities and civil society organizations around the world. They are experts in curating NGO data and work with over 100 corporate partners. A variety of platform provide different services.

When TechSoup decided to move to cloud-based SOA and align their tech strategy with their business one, they worked together with WSO2 Partner Aspire Systems to achieve this transformation.

The new architecture built using WSO2 technology has improved TechSoup’s business agility, allowing the company to adapt swiftly to emerging requirements, automate processes, and bring their services to market faster.

Why WSO2?

WSO2 is open source, developer-friendly, and cloud ready. We could connect anything to anything.”
Ratnavel Sundaramurthi, Integration Architect at Aspire Systems
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