Customer Stories

The bank provides a wide range of services to both individuals and legal entities. Retail services include mortgage, consumer and car loans, deposit opening, debit and credit cards, safe deposit box rental, and others. Settlement and cash services, lending, acquiring, participation in a salary project, and other services are available to corporate clients. In addition, the Bank has a strong position in the investment services and Private Banking markets.

With the help of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and WSO2 API Manager, the bank resolved issues of heterogeneous systems integration and API management, which significantly increased the efficiency of customer service.

The use of WSO2 products in the process of merging the banking group with the simultaneous replacement of some of the IT systems, including the remote banking customer service system, made it possible to carry out these processes painlessly and lay a solid foundation for the further development of the bank's IT landscape.”
Pavel Rybakov, Head of Intrabank Systems Development Management, Bank ZENIT
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