Customer Stories

This is a case study of a past customer. eBay was a WSO2 customer for 13 years from 2007 to 2020.

eBay uses WSO2’s 100% open source integration platform to process more than 1 billion transactions a day.

WSO2’s integration platform was selected after an intensive evaluation process as eBay felt it was the best product capable of handling the middleware requirements of their online marketplace. Apart from outperforming other software products in terms of speed and reliability, WSO2 demonstrated the flexibility to grow and adapt to eBay's evolving requirements for handling transformations, orchestrations, and complex message flows.

eBay has successfully provided a reliable and efficient shopping experience to its vast global customer base with the help of WSO2 and continues to invest in WSO2.

Why WSO2?

Using WSO2 ESB has helped us to manage our efficiency, scalability, and security requirements. From a business perspective, we have met our goals to date.”
Abhinav Kumar, Senior Manager of Systems Engineering at eBay
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