Customer Stories

Experian offers credit intelligence and financial advice, with a network spanning 37 global locations and 17,000 employees. Intelligence and data analysis are at the heart of Experian’s operations, made possible by WSO2’s analytics capabilities.

Experian functions on real-time and require systems which detect patterns at very high speeds. This is where WSO2 CEP is used - to analyze customer data in real-time.

The system implemented constantly re-examines data, updating it and fine-tuning it with the latest information, and drive the final, optimized decision back for execution on the marketing platforms. All of this is done within 3 to 5 milliseconds by a sub-system, in order to keep the entire system’s operation under 200 milliseconds!

Why WSO2?

We chose WSO2 because of its open source nature, knowledge rich support model, and depth of offerings.”
Rafael Garcia-Navarro, Head of Analytics at Experian
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