Customer Stories

A logistics and delivery service provider in the UK disrupted the time-slot delivery space by launching a novel delivery service. This online service allows shoppers to receive their orders during a one hour time slot of their choice without extra costs.

Using WSO2’s API management, integration, and identity and access management capabilities, this logistics and delivery service provider has created a cloud-native platform. This platform has also enabled them to drive innovation by building an API ecosystem that sparks interaction, opens new channels, and reaches new streams of revenue.

The cloud native platform has also allowed the organization to control costs by simplifying integration.

Why WSO2?

WSO2 has a full middleware stack. You have solutions for your identity, APIs, integration, complex event processing, and data analysis. There’s a whole range of products we could assemble, couple, and derive various benefits from.”
A Solutions Consultant from the logistics and service delivery provider
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