Customer Stories

MedVision 360 is an innovative project which aims to digitally transform the healthcare industry. Their flagship project - MEDrecord - was built using WSO2 products and the expertise of WSO2 Partner Yenlo.

MedVision360 used WSO2’s API management and identity and access management products. WSO2 is a complete solution for designing and managing the API lifecycle after publishing. MedRecord’s architecture uses WSO2’s API management capabilities to expose the data in the MedRecord platform from the PaaS layer, while managing access rights. WSO2’s identity and access management platform enables login through third party identity providers (like Google and Netherland’s UZI-pass), handling role based access control and providing an audit trail.

Using WSO2 products, MedVision 360 has been able to create a single platform on which healthcare providers can build medical applications and expose data and services via APIs.