Customer Stories

Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) is a public interest agency that serves the 19 municipalities of Brussels-Capital. Its mission is to organize, promote, and spread the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) among various groups - which includes regional authorities and agencies, hospitals, centers of education, and citizens.

BRIC has successfully implemented two service-oriented architecture (SOA) platforms, developed by WSO2 Partner Realdolmen, leveraging on WSO2’s integration, identity and access management, and analytics products.

The platform’s purpose is to advance the communication and collaboration abilities of these government agencies, creating a smarter city and smarter government.

Why WSO2?

WSO2’s platform has proven to be a robust and affordable solution for implementing a range of enterprise integration patterns.”
Hendrik Albrecht, Division Manager of Consulting Services at Realdolmen
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