451 CAOS Links 2011.05.13 - The 451 Group, Matthew Aslett

Google orders an Ice Cream Sandwich, hold the Honeycomb. Funding for WSO2 and Typesafe. And more.

  • Google introduced Ice Cream Sandwich, attempted to defend the non-release of the source code for Honeycomb, and announced the launch of the Chromebook
  • WSO2 closed $6.5m in growth financing provided by Quest Software and Intel Capital.
  • Typesafe, formed to build a commercial company behind the Scala programming language, launched with $3m-backing from Greylock Partners.
  • Yahoo won a jury verdict that it does not infringe a Linux-related patent.
  • Canonical and Ubuntu developers decided to focus solely on OpenStack as the foundation for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.
  • Mark Webbink provided his impressions of Oracle vs Google.
  • Matt Asay encouraged Oracle to hurry up and embrace Hadoop.
  • Talend became a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Canonical has reportedly joined the GENIVI Alliance and is creating a GENIVI-compliant Ubuntu IVI Remix.
  • The Outercurve Foundation added a sixth project to its ASP.NET gallery.
  • Openbravo claimed over two million downloads of its open source ERP software.
  • Qt Labs provided a progress update on Qt 5.
  • Royal Pingdom provided a list of the top 20 Linux desktop strongholds.