451 CAOS Links 2011.07.20 - Matthew Aslett, 451 Caos Theory

Acquia raises $15m. Eclipse launches automotive project. And more.

  • Acquia raised $15m in series D funding from Tenaya Capital as well as Northbridge Venture Partners and Sigma Partners.
  • The Eclipse Foundation announced the creation of a new open source initiative to define a standard platform for software development tools in the automotive industry.
  • Xamarin announced the availability of MonoTouch and Mono for Android and an agreement with SUSE including a perpetual license to all intellectual property covering Mono.
  • The Joomla Project announced the availability of Joomla 1.7.0.
  • Oracle announced Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.
  • EnterpriseDB announced the Postgres Enterprise Manager beta.
  • Microsoft was the fifth-largest corporate contributor to the Linux kernel version 3.0.0, as measured by the number of changes to its previous release.
  • WSO2 announced the launch of the WSO2 StratosLive PaaS and WSO2 Stratos 1.5.
  • Nginx creator Igor Sysoev announced plans to form a commercial company around the open source Web server.
  • ScaleXtreme announced support for OpenStack and Citrix’s Project Olympus.
  • Allison Randal posted some reflections on Harmony 1.0.
  • Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile discussed four key areas Jaspersoft might be considering acquisitions following its recent funding.
  • Jesus Rodriguez asked ‘is open source in the cloud still open source?’