Active Endpoints and WSO2 live, free call-in and online chat conference

Have you ever wished you could sit back, pop open a beverage of choice and have a stimulating technical discussion about SOA, ESBs and the latest in enterprise application development with the leading experts driving these technologies? A talk with no marketing agenda…no sales pitch…a place to really learn something new without having to separate the chaff from the wheat?

Well, wait no longer. On Wednesday, 12 November, 2008, at 9am ET, 6am PT, 14:00 GMT, Active Endpoints and WSO2 are holding a live, free call-in and online chat conference at in which technical leaders will discuss the future of SOA development and take questions from attendees.

TalkShoe allows people anywhere to participate in a group meeting using call-in phone on landlines or VoIP. Attendees can also use chat to participate in the group discussion. Active Endpoints and WSO2 are hosting this call-in as a way to bridge the gap between our software companies and our users because with today’s social networking technologies, the era of big, remote, you’ll-use-what-we-ship software is over.

The expert panel will include:

  • Paul Fremantle, CTO, WSO2
  • Michael Rowley, Director of Strategy and Technology, Active Endpoints
  • Luc Clement, Director of Product Management, Active Endpoints

These three distinguished technologists will discuss any number of topics, including:

  • How Java developers can leverage their current skills in the new world of Web services
  • Why an open-source ESB is a fundamentally smart way to integrate many different services
  • What, exactly, is “orchestration” and why do I care about it?