WSO2 shows developers how to add mediation to Web services—without implementing an entire ESB

Componentized WSO2 Framework Lets Developers Customize SOA Middleware Within a Day

Mountain View, CA – February 25, 2008 – Mediating enterprise Web services within an SOA does not always require all the features of an enterprise service bus (ESB). However, developers traditionally have had to implement a complete ESB product even when they only need a subset of its functions—slowing development and increasing project complexity.

WSO2 eliminates that complexity with Carbon, the first fully componentized SOA framework based on the OSGi specification. With this framework, Carbon-based WSO2 products are broken down into their core functions, or components, and users are free to customize their middleware to their exact specifications. Now, for example, developers who create Web services using the WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSAS) 3.0 can simply add the Carbon mediation component instead of using the entire WSO2 ESB 2.0.

A new article “Adding Mediation to WSO2 WSAS 3.0” and screencast on the same topic provide step-by-step guidelines. It’s as easy as selecting Carbon mediation from a list of components and downloading it directly into the WSAS 3.0, which automatically recognizes the component. With this in place, adding mediation to an existing service simply requires developers to define two sequences for the incoming and outgoing messages, and create the association of those sequences to the service. Instead of taking weeks using traditional SOA middleware, developers can deploy the mediation functionality and begin using it within a day.

The article and screencast are both available now in the library of the WSO2 Oxygen Tank developers’ portal.

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