Apache Axis2/C milestone M0.4 out now

The fourth milestone of Axis2/C was released just 2 weeks after the initial public release- M0.3. It is now packed with more features including WS-Addressing and thread support. Axis2/C, M0.4 can be downloaded at https://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/ws/axis2/c/M0.4/ Considerable improvements have been made and the following new features have been added on top of the M0.3 release
  1. Threading support and threaded simple axis server
  2. Module loading support
  3. Addressing module and addressing based dispatching
  4. HTTP chunking support
  5. Improved logging mechanism
  6. Ability to build and run on Windows platform
With the exception of MTOM support, all core features have now been implemented.