Apache Axiom 1.0 out now

Apache AXIOM is a StAX-based, XML Infoset compliant object model which supports on-demand building of the object tree. It supports a novel "pull-through" model which allows one to turn off the tree building and directly access the underlying pull event stream. It also has built in support for XML Optimized Packaging (XOP) and MTOM, the combination of which allows XML to carry binary data efficiently and in a transparent manner. The combination of these is an easy to use API with a very high performant architecture.

Apache AXIOM is the core of Apache Axis2 and was initially developed as part of Axis2. However, it is now a pure standalone XML Infoset model with novel features and can be used independently of Apache Axis2. Key Features include:

  • Full XML Infoset compliant XML object model
  • StAX based builders with on-demand building and pull-through
  • XOP/MTOM support offering direct binary support
  • Convenient SOAP Infoset API on top of AXIOM
  • Two implementations included:
    • Linked list based implementation
    • W3C DOM supporting implementation
  • High performant
You may download Apache Axiom here http://ws.apache.org/commons/axiom/download.cgi For more information about Axiom check out these articles on the WSO2 Oxygen Tank.