Apache Axis2 0.94 released

Axis2 is taking shape. The 0.94 release is a glimpse of version 1.0 that is expected soon. Axis2 version 0.94 was released with 5 different packages and 3 plugins, giving the flexibility to suit individual requirements.

Major Changes Since Last Release

  • Fixing of memory leaks
  • Client API changes , Introducing ServiceClient instead of MEPClient, InOnlyMEPClient, InOutMEPClient, Call. (Note that above classes are deprecated in this release.)
  • Module versioning support , can have multiple versions of the same module and use them depending on the requirement.
  • Code generator improved to process multi-port WSDL's properly
  • Packing and unpacking options for the code generated classes
  • Multiple Axis2 packaging distros for diferent requirements
The release can be downloaded from http://ws.apache.org/axis2/download.cgi . See http://ws.apache.org/axis2/0_94/installationguide.html for details about different distributions of this version.