Apache Axis2 0.95 released

WSO2 is proud to be part of the latest release of Apache Axis2. Axis2 version 0.95 comes with 5 different packages, enabling the flexibility to select one of them to suit individual requirements. You can download the release from : http://ws.apache.org/axis2/download.cgi Major Changes Since Last Release:
  • Transport framework improvements (ListenerManager)
  • The way to add an action mapping (wsamapping) has been moved from being a parameter to a child element. With this version onwards the way of adding an action mapping is as follows: MyMapping
  • Refactored following packages in Axiom:
    • org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.llom.builder to org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.builder
    • org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.llom.mtom to org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.mtom
    • org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.llom.serialize to org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.serialize
    • org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.llom.traverse to org.apache.ws.commons.om.impl.traverse
    Tools Included In This Release:
    • Axis2 Web Application (Web App)
    • WSDL2WS - Command line version