Apache Synapse Milestone 1 released

WSO2 is proud to be part of the Apache Synapse milestone 1 release. You can take a look at the Synapse site here and the distribution is here. Synapse is currently incubating in Apache under the Web Services project. Apache Synapse is an open-source ESB engine built completely on the Web Services standards on top of Axis2. The milestone 1 release does the following: * URL Virtualisation - it will redirect virtual URLs to real URLs based either on WS-Addressing headers or HTTP Proxy headers. * Content-based routing - you can use XPATH or Regular expressions to re-route requests * XSLT transforms - you can deploy XSLT files to transform the message * Simple logging - you can log messages using log4j [Note you can do all the above without writing ANY Java code] * You can also deploy simple Java-based mediators that will modify and transform messages