Apache Synapse releases milestone 2

The second milestone for Apache Synapse, the lightweight Web services and XML broker, was released with a streamlined configuration model and a new XML syntax for writing routing rules. It also includes sample applications and configurations demonstrating new features. Apache Synapse is based on Apache Axis2 and Axiom. It has the ability to route, transform and log messages passing through it. Synapse uses a simple XML based configuration language to allow users to control the brokering of XML messages including both SOAP and XML/HTTP. With full support for WS-Addressing, XSLT, XPath and regex based routing, Synapse already has many uses. Download milestone 2 now! New features in this release include:
  • A streamlined configuration model and a new XML syntax
  • Concept of Endpoints
  • Global and message context based 'properties', and a new XPath extention function synapse:get-property() to read them
  • New switch mediator
  • XML Schema Validation using Apache Xerces
  • Enhanced and streamlined mediators - send, drop, log, makefault, transform, header, filter, class, set-property, sequence, in & out
  • Improved Spring support
  • Synapse initialization on startup rather than first message
  • Sample applications and configurations demonstrating most of the above features
  • Better documentation
See here for more details about Apache Synapse.