User experience greatly improved in Apache Axis2 1.1

Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used Apache Axis engine and is a more efficient, scalable, modular and XML-oriented Web services framework. It is carefully designed to extend its functionality to features such as security and reliability.

This release inlcudes major improvements in

  • Documentation
  • Support for POJO services and clients
  • Support for Spring services
  • Axis Data Binding (ADB) to increase schema coverage and overall stability
  • Service lifecycle model
  • JMS support
  • Handler and module interfaces
  • Eclipse and Idea plugins

New Attachments API for sending & receiving MTOM and SwA attachments, Built in support for WS-Policy via Apache Neethi and added support for unwrapping Web service requests are also included in version 1.1

Unwrapping of response messages, JSR 181/183 Annotation support, JaxMe and JAXBRI data binding support are expected in future releases.

Download the latest version here .