Yet another release from Axis2/C

The Axis2/C team is on a roll and released Milestone M0.5 with a number of improvements since the M0.4 release. The fifth milestone release of Axis2 C, M0.5 can be downloaded at The following features have been added on top of the M0.4 release 1. Improving code quality by fixing memory leaks and reviewing the code 2. Apache2 integration 3. More samples and tests 4. Initial documentation - User guide, Developer Guide and Installation Guide – also available here 5. Numerous bug fixes since last release All core features have been implemented except for MTOM support. Following is a TODO list for the next release. 1. Dynamic Invocation 2. HTTP client using libcurl 3. WSDL Object Model built based on the proposed WSDL 2.0 Component Model. 4. MTOM/SWA attachments support