Beta 2 of WSO2 ESB now available for download!

The WSO2 ESB team is happy to announce the release of WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Beta 2 just weeks before the full 1.0 version.

Major changed in this release include a quick getting started section on the home page, WSDL endpoints and proxy services support for a target endpoint or sequences.

The ability to define target endpoints, WSDL, sequence for proxy services in line and to create proxy services that simply load-balance or perform fail over without a sequence have also been added.

Other features of the Beta 2 version include,

  • Use of YUI tool kit for UI widget rendering and control
  • Ability to continue mediation after the use of the send mediator
  • Out of the box support for ActiveMQ based JMS
  • Support for non-blocking http/s
together with major enhancements to the built-in Registry and the underlying Synapse engine.

Download WSO2 ESB Beta 2 now!