CTOs from WSO2 and ANATAS Examine Architectural Promise and Pitfalls of Enterprise Cloud Computing in New BriefingsDirect Podcast

Podcast Discussion Points to Enabling Roles of Dynamic Workloads and Open, Modular Platforms, and the Risks of Bringing Outdated Monolithic Approaches to Cloud Deployments

Mountain View, CA – January 14, 2011 – Cloud computing has the potential to play a transformative role within enterprise IT. Some forward thinking IT architects are using newer design approaches, such as open modular platforms and composite applications to support dynamic workloads, within their private and hybrid clouds, to increase business agility. However, in the push to reduce system costs through cloud computing, some enterprises are simply migrating outdated monolithic applications to cloud platforms that lock-in critical data and services, significantly limiting the organization’s ability to adapt.

A new BriefingsDirect podcast sponsored by WSO2, Moving to the Cloud Requires Companies to Focus on Dynamic Workloads, examines the opportunities, architectural decisions, and best practices that IT professionals need to consider when bringing applications or Web services to the cloud. Topics include application and software as a service (SaaS) design, policy-driven governance, federated security, and the respective roles of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). To download the podcast and transcript, visit https://www.briefingsdirect.com/move-to-cloud-increasingly-requires-adoption-of-modern-middleware-to-support-paa-s-and-dynamic-workloads.

Podcast Observations

Participating in the podcast discussion are Paul Fremantle, WSO2 CTO and vice president of Apache Synapse; Paul O’Connor CTO of consulting firm ANATAS; and moderator Dana Gardner, principal and analyst of Interarbor Solutions, which produces the BriefingsDirect Analysis Blog series. Among their observations:

“At the end of the day, architecture is about change, and it must be agile. I can architect a fantastic Sydney Opera House, but if I can't organize the construction materials to show up in a structured way, then I can’t construct it,” O’Connor notes. “Effectively, we’ve embraced that concept now in large enterprises. Specifically in IT, we find coming into play around this concept a lot of the same capabilities that we’ve already developed, like policy-based, model-driven configuration and governance, management and monitoring.”

“People have avoided the complexity of saying, ‘What I really need to be doing is building composite applications with federated identity, with business process management (BPM), ESB flows, and so forth’,” Fremantle observes. “But, very rapidly, people are going to realize that a cloud app on its own is just as isolated as an enterprise app that can't talk to anything.”

“So, how do large enterprises remake themselves into business service factories? How do they modernize IT and Internet-enabled ecosystem processes?”, Gardner says. “This larger question of how to attain IT transformation is what cloud computing purports to answer. But the question itself may be more important than any yet defined answer.”


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